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Chitrai Amavasya Tharpana Sankalpam

As recounted in an earlier post, some health issues kept me off for the last six months or so from blogging regularly.  Thankfully, some recovery is on, though not in full, and which allows me to once more try to rebuild the blog in this new Tamil Year of Hevilambi.  In the process I have managed to revive the customized Tharpana Sankalpam for the Chitrai month Amavasya day of day-after (26 Apr 2017), and also the commencing of Vaikasi month on 14/15th of May.

Note that the Bodhayana Amavasya is on Tuesday 25 Apr and not on 26 Apr.  As earlier, an email would be sent with the copy of PDF file.

Here is a screenshot of the test file.  As usual, the GForm can be accessed from Download page (sl. 2).  We are correcting the rest of the downloads, please give us time.


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