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Saraswati Ayudha Pooja procedure in Tamil 2017

Tomorrow 29 Sep 2017 is the ninth day of Navratri or Dussehra, when the Tamil tradition is to assemble the books, and the working tools of the family, and do a pooja on them, for the knowledge, service, and wealth they have given over the days and will do so for the future.

It is also customary to leave the assemblage idle for the day, and commence the reading, working, only on the next day, the day of Vijayadashami, when another smaller pooja is done before starting the symbolic work.

On this Saraswati Pooja or Ayudha Pooja day of 2017, the optimum time to perform the pooja is between 06:00 to 09:00 IST.  The procedure in Tamil for the Saraswati Pooja or Ayudha Pooja is available as FREE PDF download, for ease of pooja.


The full Saraswaati Ayudha Pooja 2017 Tamil PDF can be downloaded from
downloads page
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