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Hurricane Maria and Puerto Rico

A merge of two graphics with additional inputs shows the extent of damage caused by Hurricane Maria to the US Island territory of Puerto Rico.  Even more funnier is the comments section in the CNN.  One idiot comments that let the fittest survive. Why did not the Puerto Ricans equip themselves with generators, and water purification plants/tablets.

The problem is the island is completely out of petrol or gas as the bubbas call it.  There is no petrol or diesel in the whole island for the consumers.  The ports are in disarray so import of fuel would take some time. Since there is no electricity, because of shortage of fuel, water pumping stations are down. And even if there is petrol in the underground tanks in petrol stations, it cannot be pumped for the same reason.

Since it is an island, supplies cannot be driven in, but either flown in – and the airport is a mess – or shipped in, which will take time.  BTW it is much the same in all the Caribbean islands affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, but I take the example of Puerto Rico, because it is one of the better economies, not solely dependent upon tourism, or offshore banking in the region.


BTW the basic graphic is from Washington Post, with the additional information on flooding warning from NWS.


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  4. They say let the fittest survive until when they're the ones who need help.


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