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Happy Tamil New Year and Vishu 2017 with a Doodle

Today, 14 April 2017 is the Tamil New Year called Puthandu (புத்தாண்டு) in Tamil and also the New Year for the people of Kerala called Vishu.  The people of Punjab also celebrate their New Year on this day as Vaishaki, while the people of Bengal did it one day earlier, as Pohela Boishak.

So ends the past Tamil year of Durmukhi, literally meaning ‘Bad Face’, and it proved in combination with 2016 to be so.  Health of my mother and my own suffered during the period.  The 70 weeks or so commencing in the aftermath of Chennai Floods have been really terrible.  In this period I saw/heard of the passing away of at least 75 odd people – friends, associates, casual acquaintances, and almost strangers – including some half-dozen relatives.  Another 100 odd people have suffered inexplicable health issues. Thus was the sufferings during the past Tamil New Year.

So today, with this fresh start on Tamil New Year and Vishu 2017 may the Gods bless us with health, peace, joy and wealth.  As usual Google has not made up a Doodle for the Tamil New Year or Vishu 2017.  So here a made up Doodle for the occasion.  It is the modified version of the 2017 Nowruz Doodle from Google.  I have added more tulips, neem flowers, and the mango leaves.

May the gods bless us with plenty this new year.


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  1. Happy New Year - May it bring you better health and peace to us all.


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