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Rajkumar 88th birthday Doodle

Of late, Google has really gone crazy.  For one, my Legacy GSuite is locked up, refusing me access to open and modify, recode the Google Forms, Docs, and Sheets to distribute public information.  Then there are complaints on G+ that there are quirks, and posts and streams do not appear or randomly disappear.  Google, is dragging its arse, if not doing its job – in a way they have become worse than Microsoft.

But the cream of the cake was yesterday’s Doodle.  In ‘honour’ of Kannada language movie star Rajkumar of yesteryears.  That too why? Not for his centenary of birth or death or other such milestone, but on his 88th Birth Anniversary.  Of all the things one could have doodled about, Rajkumar’s 88th birth anniversary is important enough for a Doodle? 

Though the reverence for the veteran actor is such in his home state Karnataka, which saw a situation of near political turmoil when Rajkumar was abducted by sandal smuggler, Veerappan in 2000, who was trying to negotiate the release of some of his men apprehended by authorities, is to be respected, does it deserve a doodle? Rajkumar was released after 108 days.

A Doodle on his 100th birth anniversary is understandable, but on his 88th birthday?  So what are they going to do on his 89th or 90th birthday? Wind up Google?

To my mind, one thing was missing – that of the above referenced Veerappan, who terrorized Karnataka and Tamil Nadu border reserve forests for close to 10 years and held Rajkumar hostage for more than 3 months.  So I put him in the doodle.

Have fun.  Enjoy the modified doodle, or if you think that the doodle was appropriate, put up your own doodle.


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