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revised 09 July 2011
29 Sept 2010

The more I post, more emails I receive about my political leanings (comments questioning my politics are promptly deleted).  Instead of replying to every email or getting into a political discussion, I had the bright idea of posting my political views.  And promptly ran into problems!  I,
  • like being 'centrist',  but towards the underprivileged, more 'liberal';
  • totally abhor 'socialist' way of using resources but feel the same towards unbridled 'capitalism';
  • am a 'libertarian' valuing individual liberty and freedom of speech, provided such actions are responsible and not hurtful;
  • am a religious 'conservative', who loves 'atheists' when religious beliefs seem to cause more harm than heal;
  • am an admirer of 'nationalism', but hate the 'jingoism' and like being ‘multicultural’;
  • dislike ‘unilateralism’, but think that ‘multilateralism’ is no panacea;
  • welcome ‘Globalization’, but will blog for ‘protectionism’ when native industries are hurt;
  • am worried about the ‘environment’, but cannot stand the ‘organic farming’ madness;
  • do sympathize with some ‘regional’ issues, but believe our only hope is the ‘Union’ of India;
  • cannot agree, accept or live under 'radicals', 'fascists', 'communists' or 'anarchists' but only under representative ‘democracy’
Confused, I landed up at 2 websites which plot the political and personal issues on a graph.
  • the ‘World's Smallest Political Quiz' ( 
    • the results were :  
    • PERSONAL issues Score of 90;  
    • ECONOMIC issues Score of 30;
  • the ‘Political Compass’ ( which has more extensive set of questions
    • the results were:  
    • Economic Left/Right: -4.88;  
    • Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.15;
Then I transposed the result with the explanation charts provided (on the site), which lists similar plots for some famous personalities and contemporary politicians.  Oooh! I am in august company.  Well done!
my political position plotted in graph

So, there are my political views (not leanings).  How I will actually lean & vote in an election is between me and the Electronic Voting Machine – and for you to wonder!

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