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Man-eater of Bandipur killed

ManEater story reads just like Jim Corbett or Kenneth Anderson adventure. Look at the cap still caught in canine teeth. Lesson: don't be the last man in file hunting man eaters, unless you know what you are doing.

To elaborate, let us just see what Jim Corbett had written while hunting The Chowgarh Tigers. "Tigers do not know that human beings have no sense of smell, and when a tiger becomes a man-eater it treats human beings exactly as it treats wild animals, that is, it approaches its intended victims up-wind, or lies up in wait for them down-wind.

The significance of this will be apparent when it is realized that, while the sportsman is trying to get a sight of the tiger, the tiger in all probability is trying to stalk the sportsman, or is lying up in wait for him

The contest, owing to the tiger's height, colouring, and ability to move without making a sound, would be very unequal were it not for the wind-factor operating in favour of the sportsman. In all cases where killing is done by stalking or stealth, the victim is approached from behind.

This being so, it would be suicidal for the sportsman to enter dense jungle, in which he had every reason to believe a man-eater was lurking, unless he was capable of making full use of the currents of air.

For example, assuming that the sportsman has to proceed, owing to the nature of the ground, in the direction from which the wind is blowing, the danger would lie behind him, where he would be least able to deal with it, but by frequently tacking across the wind he could keep the danger alternately to right and left of him.

In print this scheme may not appear very attractive, but in practice it works; and, short of walking back- wards, I do not know of a better or safer method of going up-wind through dense cover in which a hungry man-eater is lurking."

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