by a Thinker, Sailor, Blogger, Irreverent Guy from Madras

Rainbow over Chennai

Reflection, refraction, and dispersion of sunlight is what causes a rainbow.  But you need some rain, preferably a drizzle, and not the thunderstorms we have had over Chennai over the last few days.

Today evening, it was a not so dazzling rainbow which adorned the Madras, now Chennai skies.  Needless to say, the rainbow appeared in the east, as the evening sun was preparing to set in the west.

Just like the leeches, it has been quite a while since I have spotted a rainbow.  In spite of the slight fever which still persists, I climbed the overhead tank to snap these pictures.

It is a primary rainbow as the red is towards the outside of the arc. Sometimes, there are secondary rainbows which appear with the red on the inside of the arc instead.  Have never seen one of those, though.

For the moment, enjoy the rainbow over Chennai.


and one more snap of the full-half arc.




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