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Where has Narendra Modi travelled as PM

Whether the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on the path to Digital (India) and Smart (Cities) is a question only time and history can answer.  That he is singlehandedly out to keep India in the front pages of as many countries as possible is undeniable.

I do not think that even James Bond, who is one of the most travelled hero, could have managed so many cities in so few months.  Last month BBC published an interactive map showing all the places where 007 has been. []

Which gave me the idea to plot all the cities abroad where Narendra Modi has set foot as Prime Minister.  As of today, the globetrotter has flown on 31 missions, to more than 35 cities.  This is not the first attempt to plot the Prime Minister.  The Wikipedia page itself has a nice map.  But what is different with my map is that it is interactive – the popup shows the date he visited (to me more precise one particular day when he was in that city), and the purpose of the visit.

If I find the time, I will plot out the travels of the previous 2 Prime Ministers, too – Manmohan Singh, and Atal Bihari Vajpayee.  For now, have fun with the map.

Static image for pinning:


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