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Who will win the FIFA World Cup 2014

With just one day to go for the start of the greatest show on Earth, the question is who will hold the FIFA World Cup 2014 on 14th July (India Time) 2014?  In the neighbouring Bangladesh, the authorities are up in a tiff, as they think the hoisted flags of Brazil, Argentina, and other favourite countries as disrespectful to their own national flag.

Unlike the earlier World Cup(s), I do not expect any surprise winners in the FIFA World Cup 2014.  For I do not think the boring, denying tactics of the defending Champions Spain would work this time around.  Plus the other teams have also learned from the Spaniards’ shocking negative play last time around.

Whether it is cricket or football, negative play by adopting denial tactics, and complete defensive mode is unwatchable - except in Twenty20 cricket, that is.  Be it Test cricket or a 50 over ODI, such tactics frustrate and turn off the viewer, and so it is in football too.  It is only in Twenty20 cricket, denial tactics raise the tempo - as the audience knows fully well that explosive batting (or a dramatic collapse) is in the offing. 

Though a cricket T20 is (almost) twice as long as a football match, the denial-tactics-excitement lacks in the latter, because of the possibility of a drawn result.

Anyway, let us turn to the teams who have a shot (IMHO) at the FIFA World Cup 2014, and why?
  1. Brazil
    1. Pros: Tradition, Training, and Travel (home team advantage).
    2. Cons: Team selection by the bull headed Scolari.
  2. Germany
    1. Pros: Talent.
    2. Cons: Injury.
  3. Argentina
    1. Pros: Probably the best Attack right now.
    2. Cons: Probably the poorest Defence in the World Cup.
  4. Spain
    1. Pros: Most complete team.
    2. Cons: Alien conditions, others have become smarter.
  5. Italy, France, & Chile would put up a good fight.
Photo of Brazilian and Argentine flags hoisted over rooftops in Bangladesh.


(image courtesy AFP)

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