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When Scientists get together

Waiting for the FIFA World Cup 2014 to begin is boring.  When bored, the usual practice is to browse the Facebook.  Today, I came across a funny post, which speculated on bringing together (some or) all of the great scientists for a conference.

I thought the original list lacked some of the best scientific minds - Faraday, Fermi, Tesla, Pasteur, Rutherford, Heisenberg, et. al. and expanded the list.  So here is it.  Have a laugh.


The greatest scientists of all time were invited to a conference.
  • Ampere confirmed as he was currently free.
  • Archimedes was buoyant at the thought.
  • Audubon said he would have to wing it.
  • Bell thought it would ring in new ideas.
  • Bohr thought it would consume too much energy.
  • Boyle rejected as he was under too much pressure.
  • Curies' radiated enthusiasm.
  • Chandrasekar burst out that this was his limit.
  • Darwin preferred to wait and watch the evolving situation.
  • Descartes said he had to think about it.
  • Dr Jekyll declined saying he was not feeling himself lately.
  • Edison was positive that it would be illuminating.
  • Einstein said it would be relatively easy to attend.
  • Faraday was positive it would induce a new charge into old ideas.
  • Fermi theoretically agreed, but thought it was impractical.
  • Franklin ridiculed, told them to 'go fly a kite'.
  • Galileo said such a conference would see far.
  • Gauss thought it would attract too much attention.
  • Heisenberg was uncertain of his participation.
  • Hertz wanted meetings with more frequency.
  • Joule speculated it would need a lot of work and energy.
  • Kepler said he would be moving around at that time.
  • Leonardo answered with a captivating, mysterious smile.
  • Leibniz wondered whether it will integrate or differentiate.
  • Maxwell believed it would unify the scientists.
  • Morse confirmed he will be there on the dot.
  • Newton was certain he would drop in.
  • Ohm resisted the idea.
  • Pascal opined the situation was too fluid.
  • Pasteur was totally immune to the idea.
  • Pavlov drooled at the thought.
  • Planck proposed that the conference become a constant feature.
  • Roentgen could visualise hidden theories coming to light.
  • Raman thought it would scatter the theorists away.
  • Rutherford thought the idea was nuclear.
  • Schrodinger hesitated as it would cause entanglement.
  • Tesla alternated between accepting and declining.
  • Volta was electrified at the prospect.
  • Watt thought it would be a good way to let off steam.
  • Wright brothers accepted, provided they could fly in.
Hmmm! Cannot find any scientists (last) name starting with the letters I, Q, U, X, Y, or Z.

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