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The Skin Collector takes out our mind too

Lincoln Rhyme returns in the 11th novel of his series in The Skin Collector by Jeffery Deaver.  Except for the resemblance to the name of the first adventure, The Bone Collector, there is nothing in the story which connects the villains of the two stories.  Except for the intense suspense, drama (Oh Yeah! Drama in a Lincoln Rhyme story), and thrill.

Turning the pages of a Deaver story is like expecting a face punch at every corner.  The twists come out from unexpected characters, and situations.  The Skin Collector is nothing different.  Deaver manages to captivate us, with an intricate plot, or rather multiple plots, which twist, turn, and overlap each other to leave us buzzing.

The story starts with a killer, Billy Haven, who tattoos with poison to kill his victims.  Meanwhile, there is the question of the associates of The Watchmaker turning up for his funeral.  There are bomb threats, homegrown terrorists, attempted poisoning of Amelia Sachs and Lincoln Rhyme himself.  Into all these are woven the emotional drama between Amelia Sachs, and her (assumed) goddaughter Pamela.

Reading The Skin Collector is like getting a crash course on tattooing, or Body Mod, or skin art, or whatever is the present name of the fad.  There is also a fascinating preview to the underground New York!

A must read for all fans of detective fiction

The Skin Collector
Book Review of the 11th novel in the Lincoln Rhyme series
Author: Jeffrey Deaver
Reviewer: mad.madrasi
4 / 5 stars

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