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Reset The Net - Not so Fast

The Reset The Net day was a huge success, claims Fight For The Future.  In case you are unaware, day before yesterday, 5th June 2014, was designated Reset The Net day.  The Reset the Net day commemorated the first anniversary of the Snowden NSA Leaks, which drew our attention to the mass surveillance capabilities and practice of (chiefly) US government.

As part of the awareness created, the initiative by the Fight for the Future along with Electronic Frontier Foundation, claim that major, public parts of the internet, which were open to surveillance will be more privacy oriented.

The promise by WordPress, Tumblr, Wikipeida (of implementing SSL), Sendgrid (TLS), would make those parts of the internet opaque to surveillance.  Apart there are lots of other initiatives (like End-to-End encryption in browser initiative by Google), and tools (ChatSecure, Redphone) which would enable the individuals to seize the initiative on their own.

More about them have been written earlier here, here and here.

But what caught my attention on the claim page by Fight For The Future, was the misspelling in one of the captions [].

While the spelling for the word ‘month’ is correct for the SendGrid and Wikipedia sections, the one about WordPress spells it as ‘motnh’.


Was that encryption or what?

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