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Reset The Net Splash Screen in action

Today, 5th June 2014, is the Reset The Net day, commemorating the first anniversary of Edward Snowden NSA leaks which proved that government(s) carries out mass surveillance in the name of ensuring security.

On Reset The Net day, Fight for the Future along with Electronic Frontier Foundation aim to push corporates, websites, bloggers and individuals to adopt more secure standards to deliver content.  Such security tools as they exist now will disrupt the governments(s)’ ability to intrude on individual privacy.

You can read all about the initiative and tools in my earlier post.  I am participating in advocating the call for more secure internet by displaying the splash screen on my blog.

Here is the splash screen in action, on 5th June 2014.  It looks great, does it not?

If you want to display the splash screen too (today) and participate in future campaigns, just copy paste the code from [] into HTML/Javascript gadget in your Blogger blog.  If you are on Wordpress, Joomla or Cloudfare (among others), the webpage provides specific plugins too.

There is a Facebook cover image too at []

Go ahead, display the splash screen, or put it up on your Facebook page.


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