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5th June, Reset The Net day with Privacy Pack

It is one year since Edward Snowden leaked the first documents which proved the United States’ NSA spied on everyone on the internet.  Mass surveillance cannot be the panacea for all the cybercrime and terror plots being regularly hatched by those with criminal intent.

Tomorrow, 5th June 2014, is the anniversary of the Snowden NSA Leaks, and in this one year we have seen precious little done to protect an individual’s privacy on the internet.  If that is the case in USA, back home in India the situation is pretty bleak.  Last year, the government forced RIM, the owner of BlackBerry Messenger to install measures to enable the government to read the supposedly secure messages.  This year, people are being actually arrested for Facebook posts and tweets.

The Fight for the Future along with Electronic Frontier Foundation have initiated Reset The Net day action plan which is an attempt to encourage the individuals (and corporates) on the internet to adopt more security.  By enabling or building proven secure features in the websites we normally use, FFF and EFF aim to thwart the mass surveillance and intrusion into the privacy of everyday users. []

The action plan is to encourage:
  • all websites into providing security through SSL, HSTS & PFS;
  • all mobile Apps to use SSL and certificate pinning;
  • all individuals to adopt NSA-resistant privacy tools; and,
  • run the following splash-screen on websites/blogs on 5th June 2014.
(Clicking on the image will *NOT* take you to Privacy Pack page)

In fact, it is easy for individuals to protect our privacy and prevent intrusive surveillance with current technology and tools.  Reset The Net has recommended Privacy Pack - a set of such tools which we can install and use today!

  • There is ChatSecure, TextSecure, and RedPhone for private, secure chatting, texting and phone calls from (Android) mobiles.
  • Using different and strong passwords for each email and online accounts, along with using MasterPassword tool for remembering them.
  • Using HTTPS everywhere plugin on Google Chrome and Firefox browsers.
  • and more at [].  Watch the video.

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