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Home grown Guavas eaten again by Squirrels

If at all the Indian Squirrels are good at anything, it is chirping their head off, and smelling out the fruits on trees.  When it comes to the Guavas on the tree in my apartment, they are especially good.

Every morning 2 squirrels can be seen, merrily running up and down the guava tree, scampering from one branch to another, and eagerly munching on a delicious, ripe fruit.  Their quick scampering never fails to remind me of the Chip n Dale comic pages, picturing them sliding around with acorns.

The absolute peace and quiet will be shattered by their alarm calls when they spy me or a neighbour on his terrace, watching their frolic.  After that, their foraging turns into a harried lunges for a few guavas, before they sneak away on the cable TV wire to the Neem tree, 2 houses away.

Yesterday, irritated at their merriment, I decided to pluck off all the guavas from the tree.  The snatch proved quite a handful with almost 2 dozen guavas in the bag.  Though most of them were a day or two away from tasty-ripe, I decided not to leave them on the tree.


The result? It was my time to have a laugh as the pair of squirrels went round and round searching for the missing fruits.  As luck would have it, I missed a nice juicy one.  They quickly snaffled the fully ripe guava, gave me a dirty look, and with their tails up walked off to the Neem tree.

Here is the ripe fruit, gobbled by those goons.


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