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Go ahead and Blink with new Google Chrome 28

It has been a day and half since Google released the latest stable version 28 of Chrome browser.  A lot of hoopla has been on about ‘richer notification’ feature introduced for Windows users in stable version of Chrome 28.

Till now, I have to say that it has been all air and no pop(up).  What Google means by ‘richer notification’ is the usual system-tray-alert-pop-ups spruced up with better eye-candy and clickable/actionable buttons.  Basically a Facebook Messenger for all Google services and eventually for all websites and services - look forward to that.

The other major rave is that Chrome 28 will be the very first version to run Blink rendering engine instead of WebKit.  Again, it is not a major overhaul because Blink itself is only a ‘fork’ of WebKit rather than a completely new or different rendering engine (right now), and there will not be significant differences between the two.  (This will change as Google forges full ahead with Blink and the codebase of Blink and WebKit diverge.)

So should we update to Google Chrome 28?

Definitely.  Seeing Google has paid out close to $35,000 as part of bug bounty program and fixed them in Chrome 28, we have to - more on those bug fixes at Chrome blog.

So, go ahead and Blink with Google Chrome 28.

Here is a screenshot of Google Chrome 28 version page (chrome://version).


The only quirk is the Flash Player version is reported as 11.8.800.97 (and confirmed in the Google Chrome Releases blog @  But the Adobe Flash Player download page still lists the latest version as 11.8.800.94.

Here is a screenshot of that page (


update:  Both of above are correct.  Chrome has started using 'Pepper Flash' (from July 31, 2012; Chrome 21).  As of now Pepper-Flash current version is 11.8.800.9; for all other browsers which use ActiveX like IE or plugin-based browsers like Firefox and Opera, current version is 11.8.800.94.

Flash Player Help/Find Version page clarifies it and also dynamically displays installed Flash Player version []

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