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Amavasya Tharpanam Sankalpam Generator Tamil (2013-14)

On 16th July occurs the Kataka Ravi Sankramana Tharpanam which is also the start of the Dakshinayana Punya Kalam.  About 10 days back, I had posted a barebones effort to generate Personalized Amavasya Tharpanam procedure using Google Forms and Google Spreadsheet.

Working on it off and on for over these days pointed out the deficiencies in trying to adopt such a cloud computing based attempt.  Don’t mistake me.  Such a script running on cloud has many advantages -
  • the cloud server (here Google’s) does all the job;
  • modifying or updating the code is easy;
  • sharing is even more easier.
But as of now, it is unworkable -
  • requires too much of coding;
  • cloud based worksheets lack many functions available on desktop versions, for e.g., ‘dropdown list’;
  • cloud based forms are very limited in design - a tharpanam generator might well run to 5 or 8 pages of form filling;
  • and few other such irritants.
Instead, I decided to go back to good old Microsoft Excel.  Thus was born the Amavasya Tharpanam Sankalpam Generator (ver. 0.1 beta). 

The first version 0.1b generates the first half of the sankalpam manthiram till the pracheenaveedhi - covering the Year, Month, Thithi, Day and Nakshatra, for both Sarva Amavasya, Bodhanaya Amavasya and the 4 Punya Kala Tharpanams.


The merged cell at Row 14 displays the Sankalpam Manthiram which can then be saved as a PDF file to be printed or stored on smartphone.

The Amavasya Tharpanam Manthiram Generator 0.1 beta has options to select the Sankalpam for Iyer or Iyengars (Vadakalai or Thenkalai).  The sheet uses 3 dropdown lists for selection of Type (Bhodhayana, Sarva Amavasya or Punya Kala Tharpanams), Date (depending upon the selection) and the Sect (Iyer or Iyengars).


As I did not want to use macros in this version, the dropdown lists are not ‘dependent’ - that is selecting one will not affect or auto change others.  So I have provided for a couple of cells at B11 and B12, which remind you of the next Tharpanam due date and your selection.


Top right cells G4 to G12 dynamically display various details of year, thithi, etc., for additional confirmation.

As of now, Amavasya Tharpanam Manthiram Generator 0.1 beta has details of the Tharpanams for July, August, September and October, rather till 04th October 2013 Amavasya.

Now for the roadmap.  If there is enough feedback, say two dozen comments, version 0.2 beta will introduce the Mother Alive Yes/No feature and complete the Sankalpam (without Gothras or pitru names).

Amavasya Tharpanam Manthiram Generator 0.3 beta will have the Adhaya thiti / nakshatra feature, so depending upon the time of the Tharpanam, if they do change, the mantra will reflect the transition.

Version 0.4 beta may have the Sanskrit mantra too and an option to select it.

Amavasya Tharpanam Manthiram Generator 0.5 beta will have the full fledged Sankalpam.

Versions 0.6 and above will introduce macros to calculate the thithi and stars for worldwide usage.

Let us see how far I run with it.  To download the Amavasya Tharpanam Manthiram Generator 0.1 beta fill in the form and hit submit.  The link to download MS Excel file (~45 KB) will be sent to you by Gsheet.  Try it out and post feedback.  BTW the email will come from (at) gmail ID.  The reason is simple.  Google automatically locks out an account if more than 500 emails are sent in 24 hours.  Though a remote possibility, I don’t want to take the risk of blocking my regular ID.

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