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India or England - Losers in Champions Trophy is us

Much is being written about the chances of England in the on going Champions Trophy finals, scheduled less than 24 hours from now (23 / 1500 IST).  That is if the match does take place - because it is expected to rain in Birmingham and there is no reserve day scheduled.

Every English commentator worth his salt is speculating whether Jimmy Anderson can take on and put one over Shikar Dhawan.  Almost everyone has also come around to the view that short pitch bowling, even in English conditions, do not hold any fear for the current Indian batsmen - except possibly Suresh Raina.

They also seem to be heaving a sigh of relief that Aleem Dar will only be the 4th umpire for the match, leaving the English free to do their tampering with the balls to achieve the infamous reserve swing.

But whichever team wins the Champions Trophy, the losers are going to be the gullible paying, watching public.  For both the teams do not behave in tune to the old adage ‘It’s just not Cricket’!

Why India does not deserve to win:
The Indians allergy to the Anti-Doping WADA code with its ‘whereabouts clause’ is well known.  That by itself, to my mind at least, shows them in bad light.  To me the quality of their cricket and their winning streak (in T20/ODIs at least) takes second place to their objections to the whereabouts clause.

I am sure that many of the problems, nee scandals, associated with the IPL could have been nixed if BCCI and Indian Cricket team had whole heartedly adopted the WADA code in entirety, with the ‘whereabouts clause’.

Why England does not deserve to win:
The infamous ‘reverse swing’ is the primary reason why England should never have been in the finals.  But then, England has at least one former cricket star, Bob Willis, who was willing to come out and say it.  So perhaps we have to look for another reason why England does not deserve the Champions Trophy.

That reason was on full display for all to see in the dismissal of Matthew Wade, M3, England vs Australia in the Champions Trophy 2013.  You can clearly see the bouncing ball when the slow motion camera is played in reverse.

Jos Buttler claiming a bounce catch to dismiss Mathew Wade

If you can’t see that clearly here is a close up.

Bouncing betty or what?

Does anything more need to be said?

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