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What is special about 2013

A brand new year is here, with a promise of being something special.  It could be - as 2013 is the first year since 1987 to be composed of 4 different digits!
As is usual, the partying to see off the old year and ring in the New Year was brilliant.  So is also the day’s practice of sitting down and ruminating on the year gone by, the resolutions kept and those that were broken.
  1. Like my own intention to Go for Gold wasn’t one that was fulfilled in the year gone by.  Being a fool who doesn’t know when to quit, and of a character who doesn’t tire tilting at windmills, Going for Gold this New Year would once more top the list.
  2. The second resolution for this New Year is to reduce my waistline by 4 inches.  Yup!  Three years ago, almost to the day, I had confessed to putting on weight.   At that time my waistline measurement was 1 inch out of the considered safe limit for Indians.
    • Today it is out by 1 inch of the considered safe limits for Whites and Blacks too.  If you don’t believe me, the Trimmer Waistline article has today’s photo for comparison.
  3. The third resolution is to blog more systematically.  I want to become a ‘3-posts-a-day’ blogger.
These are the 3 most important and must-keep resolutions for the New Year.  Am I missing any?


Wish everyone a Happy, Wonderful, Wealthy, Healthy 2013.

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