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Google Doodle of Doodles for New Year’s eve 2013

Google did a most unexpected thing for this New Year’s eve.  They released a Google Doodle showing of the best of the Doodles of 2012 yesterday evening.

The Google Logo links to the specific Google Doodles directly in the Google Doodle Directory. For example, if you click on the Star Trek icon at the top left, it takes you to the Star Trek Doodle. put together a diagram labelling all the references to the other Doodles in this mother of 2012 Doodles.

While that doodle signalled the party for the New Year’s eve, today mornings doodle, which is a continuation, shows the post-party scene, with hosts mopping and cleaning the place.


But you could have found these Doodles in every Google home/search page except at Google India. 
In memory and respect to the Nirbhaya (Braveheart) girl who was gang-raped and died over the week due to injuries sustained, the India page displayed a a sombre page with a lit candle.


Nice gesture that.

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