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Three serious problems facing TN and India

Over the last 2 weeks or so, as you know, there have been irregular articles in this blog.  The reasons apart from the political churning going on in the ruling and opposition parties, are threefold.

One is the yearning and efforts to learn the basics of Android programming.  Fortunately the Chennai Book Fair offered the opportunity to pick up several books - Android Application Development For Dummies, for e.g. - which gives a good grounding on what is to be done to develop an application for Android platform.  Reading them when there was nothing else to do (or when bored with insipient discourse), gives a definite idea but there are problems while implementing those instruction in actual life.  More on that later.*

Second was what I’ve been investigating (or trying to find out on the sly) ever since October/Navrathri days.  It concerns the efforts of the remnants of a terrorist organisation or at least its sympathizers to inveigle people with limited skills and in search of good times to become the beholden, if not outright sympathizers, to their cause.  This is a very serious issue which needs to be looked into Central Intelligence Agencies and the TN State Intelligence apparatus, to guard against my home state going the way of J&K (with outright terror or separatist sentiments) or Punjab (where former terrorists are being hailed).  More on this too later*

Third and final was my stumbling in the last few days on a racket.  A mafia like racket which (from my limited probing) has been going on in my home state for quite some time.  On this, quite by accident, actual proof landed up on my footsteps, literally.  This is again a very serious issue, in light of some administrative developments in my own home state.  On this issue, the first instinct was to call up, inform and bring in the Junior Vikatan Action Cell, for them to run it with their formidable resources.

But then, why reveal myself to even J.V., who do promise to protect my identity?  And, again, why give up a fantastic, God-given blogging opportunity?  So that will be the mind-blowing post for tomorrow afternoon.  (Earlier in the day is scheduled for troubleshooting PC/LAN/CCTV/connectivity problems in a mid sized enterprise - which would ensure bread on my table over the next month).

*more on that later:  whenever this term has been used here, the follow up articles have never been written - lack of time, events superseding the issue, pipped to the post by another, or just plain laziness.


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