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BBC’s look at Middle East conflict up above the sky

It is not often we come across well written pieces which take a humorous, mocking and accusatory look at a situation.  When the subject of the article is the Middle East conflict with its serious religious undertones, it becomes extremely difficult to maintain some sense of balance between the issues - social, political, religious or geographic.

To do it without insulting any side or taking up a position on issues seems impossible.  But Paul Moss has managed it beautifully in his article on the BBC.  The headline The Middle East conflict at 35,000 feet itself is full of intrigue and reels us in to take a look.

Instead of reading about some gruesome fight about overflying rights or related issues, Paul Moss recounts his travel on an EasyJet aircraft flying from Luton, England to Tel Aviv.

It is a charming tale of how passengers, disregarding their allotted seats, squat where they wish to and generally act in a boorish manner during the flight.  The story has charm even for us (Indians) used to somewhat similar behaviour on train journeys through UP and Bihar.

A definite must read for this Sunday morning.


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