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Who should be offended about Vishwaroopam

Now that that ban on Vishwaroopam the Tamil Movie by Kamal Haasan has been officially removed by the Madras High Court, I can express my opinions - on the movie.

As said many times before in this blog, I never pay to watch an entertainment - a film, or a show.  To be frank, I’ve had the opportunity to watch the movie courtesy Kamal Haasan in one of his forcible screenings - and I would not divulge when.

As a movie buff, it is an excellent movie.  If ever anyone has any problems it should have been his - Kamal Haasan’s own community who has been shown as an effeminate, immasculine, and cuckolded for about 30 minutes into the move.

As an aside, I wondered when PMK Ramadoss supported the movie - the first 30 minutes did seem to empathise with his current political agenda.

Otherwise, it is a great movie.  I only wish he had made it also as an English movie which would have made it a really great move from Indian cinema.  BTW for a Kamal Haasan movie, this is one without overt, blatant sexual sequences.

The last movie I paid (rather my parents paid) and watched was Muthu of the Superstar Rajinikanth.  After that, every Tamil movie I’ve watched was on either complimentary ticket or on cable/satellite TV when it was released in them respectively.

It goes for Virumandi, as equally for Sivaji - both of which I enjoyed only on cable/satellite.  To be more frank, till date, I’ve never seen the last Kamal Haasan starrer, Dasavataram.

But this Viswaroopam is one movie I want to watch, once again, on big screen, with all the special effects, on the big screen.

Thumbs up to Kamal Haasan.  And for the God given opportunity to have watched it as one of the first in Tamil Nadu.


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