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2012 - Review of the Year

The last day of 2012.  The day when new thoughts and ideas are put together as resolutions for the New Year.  And the day to look back at the year gone by.

If we Google for ‘2012 review’, there must be umpteen sites listing out the major events for the year gone by.  Media giants would have a day-by-day archive of the happenings.

So, why is there Yet Another Year End Review?  Because these are the events which would stay with me.  Events which made an impact on the way I think.  Not exactly about events which a politician, businessman, or media outlet may think is important, but events which had an effect on me.

BTW this is not a day-by-day diary of events.  Nor is it an event calendar.  Neither is it a list of monthly events.  It is just a collection of events which touched me in 2012.
  • Costa Concordia Disaster - 07 January
  • Greek Debt Crisis - 21 February
  • Encyclopaedia Britannica Final Print edition - 13 March
  • Discovery of God Particle at LHC - 04 July
  • London Olympics - 27 July to August
27_july_london olympics
  • India Power Grid Failure - 30 July
  • Curiosity rover landing on Mars - 05 August
  • Muslim protests over YouTube video - 11 September
11-17 sep_muslim_anger_over_YouTube_video
  • Shooting of Malala Yousafzai - 09 October
  • Hurricane Sandy - 29 October
  • Mayan Calendar scare - 21 December
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