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Every New Year Resolution is broken

Almost a month to the day there was a WSJ article on why it is so difficult to keep New Year Resolutions.  Quoting a 1986 study, the article broke down the reasons why people, generally, are not able to stick to their New Year Resolutions [].

The main reason as per that article is that many (most) of the new year resolutions are intentions to change rock hard habits.  Habitual behaviour to which we have been accustomed to and maybe even rely on when subjected to similar circumstances.

There are 2 of my friends, both working as middle level managers in IT sector and their lives and status - social and economic - are almost identical.  When they are under work or deadline pressure, one simply switches off mentally from everything else and indulges in a game of solitaire on his PC/Laptop.  The other one too switches off mentally from everything else and goes off to sneak a smoke.

Both of them vowed to break off their cigarette-solitaire addiction, but haven’t been able to keep up with that resolution (at least).

Coming back to my own story, of the 3 resolutions made at the start of year, haven’t been able to keep up with even one.
  • The 3-posts-a-day blogger desire has been blown to bits; Could not post even one article over 10 days.  Shucks!
  • Drop a few inches off the waistline started off in a magnificent manner.  For about 2 weeks 40 to 55 minutes of brisk exercise did induce a freshness.  But after 2 weeks, the drive simply dropped off.  Heck!
  • Going for Gold was the one which never took off.  Seems the present Finance Minister read my intentions and slapped additional import duty on Gold.  I have not been able to even lay sight on Gold this New Year.  Shut!
Whoever said that writing down, telling people and talking about New Year resolutions will help us to stick to them, was plain wrong in my case.

If any of you are in the same boat, don’t feel bad; instead just start to think like Calvin.

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