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Ganesh Chaturthi 2012 Pooja procedure in Tamil

The auspicious day of Pillayar Chaturthi or Ganesh Chaturthi is tomorrow, Wednesday - on 19th September 2012.  This year the Pillayar Chaturthi is slightly delayed from its usual Tamil month of Avani or Simha and instead falls in the Tamil month of Aippasi or Kanya.

We have already posted on how to make a Ganpathi idol out of clay at home earlier.  Today I am posting the complete Ganesh Chaturthi pooja vidhi - procedure in Tamil for people who are away from home, in other states of India or overseas and cannot get a priest.

The Pillayar Chaturthi pooja vidhi - procedure is full and complete - from achamanam till samarpanam.  I only request anyone who reads it and uses it to avoid using flowers and decorations made of paper, plastic and paints.  Please use only original flowers, fruits and clay as done in old times.

The Ganesh Chaturthi pooja vidhi is complete by itself.  It has all the mantras in full - from achamanam till namaskaram.  No need for you to refer to another book - except for the Ganesh Asthotranamavali, if you want to recite it.

Here are some more tips:
add: mad.madrasi asked some questions (10 pm) -
  • what is the correct time to do pooja?
    • there is no correct time to do pooja.  but there is *in-correct* time - rahu kalam, yama kandam and Guligai.  Tomorrow Yama Gandam is between 7.30 to 9.00 am.  So do pooja before or after that.  Tomorrow good time is between 9.15 to 11.15.  It is good time to do Ganapathi pooja, but it can be done any time before 7.15 or after 9.15.
  • what is duration?
    • if you know mantras by-heart, do it 30 minutes.  If you read mantras like mad.madrasi (who doing it 1st time like this I think) it will take 1 to 1-1/4 hours.  Before pooja it will take 30 minutes to 1 hours for preparation.
  • what if I mispronounce mantras?
    • at end of pooja, before namaskaram, after naivedhiyam, say ‘maha ganapathaye namaha, mantra heenam, kriya heenam, bhakthi heenam hudhasana, yathuhadhanthu mayadeva, paripoorna namoasthuthe’ and do namaskaram.
  • what if something like payasam or vellam not ready?
    • trick I use is to ask from grihasta cup of sugar and cup of water before starting pooja.  If something not present for naivedhiyam, use sugar and water mixed with sugar.  If you finish problems, without angry, God is there (VignaRaja).
  • Please avoid using artificial flowers, decorations and paints - especially if you are going to immerse the idol in river or sea afterwards.
  • On puja day it is often found that grihastas get into small fights, irritations and are angry at each other.  On this Pillayar Chaturthi (and on every festival) please try to keep calm, accept small delays and pray with happy thoughts (Sumukam). 
  • If you are a General Manager, think how you will feel going to a meeting where your juniors are angry and fighting?  Just like that when you are inviting the General of general managers (Ganadhipathi), should you fight or keep calm?
  • Don’t worry if you miss a small step while doing pooja, like agarbatthis not lit.  What matters is your interest, love, dedication and concentration for the half or one hour.
  • Just like that don’t feel proud if you have done a better, bigger or spent more money on Ganesh Chaturthi pooja than others.
  • If you cannot find all the 21 flowers and all 21 leaves for the puja, don’t worry.  Don’t worry if you cannot find even one leaf or flower.  Use whatever flowers are available or even the akshadai and add the following terms to the mantras at the end -
    • instead of ‘tulasi patram samarpayami’, say
      • ‘tulasi patram “pushpanjalim” samarpayami’, or
      • ‘tulasi patram “akshadan” samarpayami’.
Check out the latest version - free download at:

Downloads page



Due to time shortage, the PDF file was proof read only 2/3 times.  There may be some errors.  If so, please point them out so as to correct them in future.

May Lord Ganesha bless everyone!

PS:  The daily pooja, punar pooja and udhyapana pooja vidhi will be given tomorrow.


  1. can you please post a translation in an alternative language (preferably Sanskrit) for people like me who cannot read Tamil

  2. It may be too late this year. Typing out the whole procedure in Sankrit (or any other language) would take hours + more hours to proof read. :-(

  3. Lord Ganesha is a God of good luck and auspiciousness.On this auspicious day worshipped lord ganapathi for get a blessings of wisdom, wealth, health, fertility and happiness.Read More


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