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Ganesh Chaturthi 2012 daily pooja procedure in Tamil

So today is the day when Ganesha visits the home of all devotees.  Once the main pooja is complete as I have given in the Ganesh Chaturthi pooja vidhi - procedure in Tamil, the next is to pamper him while he is at our home.

The Pillayar Chaturthi Pooja Vidhi - procedure in Tamil was jumbled for some people.  The work was mostly done in Google Transliteration IME with Latha font.  Some portions are copied from my earlier work using Baraha (when it was free) - so the jumbling is possible.

To prevent jumbling, I’ve uploaded a new PDF file Pillayar Chatruthi Pooja Vidhi version 2, which has embedded fonts.  There should be no jumbling now.

Now that the Prime of the Prime Minister is at your home, he should be kept happy and contented during his stay.  The way is to do pooja to him 2 times (3 times including noon-time pooja, if possible) a day.
Ganapathi in Tamil Nadu is kept at home for one day.  Not like Mumbai where they celebrate for 10 days.

Whatever days you keep Ganpathi at home, a small 10 minute pooja is to be done morning and evening, every day.

On the day of Visarjan or immersion, a special Punar-pooja or Udhyapana pooja is to be done.  This punar pooja is nothing but one additional paragraph to the daily pooja.

The Pillayar Chaturthi daily and punar pooja vidhi - procedure in Tamil.

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May the Lord Siddhi Vinayaka bless you with happiness and wealth.


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