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Thinks like a duck, talks like a duck and looks like a duck

Right after my blog about MP Mani Shakar Aiyar's views on Commonwealth Games, the Chairman of the Organising Committee for the games called him (by extension me and others like him, too) as anti-national – meaning treasonous.

I am surprised that expressing contrary opinions have become ‘treason’ in India. It does happen in banana republics but should never happen in the world’s largest democratic republic.

“No Indian National can speak like that” he says & goes on to add “it is totally an anti-national statement from him”.  Well Mr. Kalmadi, it is you who is going against the constitution, not us.  Questioning the priorities of the Government of the day is the birth right of every citizen, not only opposition parties, in a democracy – otherwise in the next election everyone who votes against you can be termed as anti-national.

My wicked half says that, by following Kalmadi’s precedence -
  • With the outburst, Kalmadi has shown that he is bereft of mature, reasonable and adequate counters to differing opinions – in short a beggar of thought.
  • In the wording of the outburst, by terming Mr. Aiyar has anti-national and a traitor,  he has shown that he is a beggar for words.
  • A college student while viewing a TV promo on Kalmadi inspecting construction asked me ‘who is that guy, looks like an beggar on a train’.
Based on the above and on the saying ‘If it thinks like a duck, talks like a duck and looks like a duck, then it has to be a duck’ – can I term Mr. Kalmadi as ‘The Delhi Beggar'?

Oh, I do love blogging.  It is not everyday that you can pull the leg of the high and the mighty.

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