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Raindrops falling on my head – and I want more

So says a senior MP of the ruling Congress party and further goes on to say that he will be happy if Commonwealth Games are spoilt.  It seems he was upset that about Rs. 35,000 crores (about USD 7.5 billion) would be spent on the games and non-sports related infrastructure development, rather than on child education and such social improvement schemes.

He certainly has a point.  It is obscene that so much money is being spent to basically board, lodge and keep entertained about 8,000 athletes and officials.  As it is the Commonwealth boasts only a few World or Olympic class athletes and many of them are skipping the games.  So the counter that our local athletes would get world class exposure with these games is utter bunkum.

As for tourism, how many Commonwealth countries do actually have people who travel or can afford to travel to other countries, often halfway around the world ?  Where are the tourists going to come from ? Antigua or  Botswana or Cameroon or Grenada or Kiribati or Nauru or Rwanda or Samoa or Tuvalu or Vanuatu or perhaps Zambia ?

The other bullcrap is about global TV audience, claimed at 1.5 billion people.  It is well known that such TV audience boasts are exaggerated and truth is mind blowing as this ‘The Independent’ investigation shows. In the same report is the claimed/verified figures for the last Commonwealth games at Melbourne – 1.5 bn versus 5 million actual.

I’m not much worried about educating the children – first you have to keep them alive and for which you need food for them and their mothers.  Guess what?

While we have been building 26 new stadiums to play games, 61,000 tonnes of food grains rotted during the current monsoon rains – in less than 2 months – and another 150,000 tonnes of wheat is past its ideal ‘can-store-till’ date, which surely will rot during the remaining monsoon season.

What if we had built solar powered, double filtered, hot air drying grain storage silo in 16 acres /16,000 sq.m. instead of Thyagaraj Stadium?
update: the Supreme Court on Tuesday said  wastage of even a single food grain in a poverty-ridden country is a "crime".  "Wheat is rotting. Why not come out with a proposal to immediately distribute food commodities, lying in godowns riddled with lack of storage space, to the BPL families," the court asked.

Feel disgusted ?  Relax with the original ‘Raindrops keep falling on my head’

update: Raindrops lyricist Hal David passed away on 01 Sep 2012.

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