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My farmer is making me a junkie

While there was a big hullabaloo on allowing the farmers to grow GM / BT Brinjal, mainly based on the opinion that such biologically altered food might ‘Genetically Modify’ humans & animals, the poor, illiterate and naive farmer of India has been injecting chemicals  into vegetables and livestock for better yields.

Oxytoxin, Copper Sulphate, Calcium Carbide – what not! []

The anti-BT crowd is scared that we will start producing
3 legged Chan Chu or,
4 handed Kali or,
Marvel’s Spider-Woman or,
DC’s Two-Face or,
Kuato of Total Recall.

Wait …

OMG ! Look at what we have been having lately:

All images have been replaced due to suspicious URL searches referring to these photos, as per this post.

Image of '3 legged child' removed.
Image of '8 limbed baby' removed.
Image of 'Spider Girls' removed.
Image of '2 Faced baby' removed.
Image of 'Parasitic Twin (Nepal)' removed.

(All above images are still available through a Google search)

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