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Two terms and Two sit outs for Sport bodies

Nope, this is not about a musical or a religion or even blouse pieces.  This is about how Indian politicians hold positions of power in Sports bodies.  We all know about Kalmadi, KPS Gill, Sharad Pawar … But there is at least 3 score or more of them!  And we lament that Indian sportsmen don’t do well.

It takes an Indian Hockey Mutiny (no pun intended) or a pot-shot  from Bindra or a Delhi disaster (pitch fiasco at the Kotla on Sunday - Dec 2009to shake them up – then they start pointing fingers at others. Then, there are other non-politicians, who too hold sway over their associations, year after year.  Jothi Kumaran had to resign from IHF after a controversy and he held the post for 15 years.

Update:  As of October 2012 the NRAI - National Rifle Association of India - website has disappered from  and is instead found in

Those smart guys at NRAI insisted on rule book (  (made up by them) and wanted Abhinav Bindra to undergo trials in India to qualify for commonwealth games.  That is after he shot 596 (equalling his Beijing Olympics score) in Dec 2010.  Bindra made a hue and cry and added insult to injury, by shooting down Two Gold medals at the 33rd InterShoot Tournament at Netherlands (as of this writing).

And these smarties want him to shoot qualification !!!

Now for the ‘Two by Two’ suggestion.  Each Sports body has differing periods for office bearers.  BCCI has 2 year term while Archery Association has 4 years.
  1. The 1st Two : Why doesn’t the Government of India step in and say that all Sports bodies should have a 2 year term for office bearers? 
  2. The 2nd Two : Each office bearer can only hold office for TWO terms – after which he/she has to sit out (without any office in *any* sports body) for TWO terms (or)
  3. can contest *only* for a higher post than what he held, and *only* in the same sports body.
This will certainly prevent a situation like in NRAI -
  • B.S. Sethi being Secretary-General from 1985 (, and
  • R. Bhatia being Secretary from 1987 (  
After all, we are a socialist republic and why should one guy hog the posts – spread the wealth around.

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