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Is cussing the Lingua Franca of the politicians?

Losing his cool, the Environment Minister advises a protestor to seek ‘mental’ help in an open meeting.  Whereas in the US the President’s Chief Of Staff called liberals  ‘fu##in retarded’ in a closed door meeting and it leaked.  And so, Rahm Emanuel has to apologize, and apologize in public with some really retarded people calling for his head, if not his resignation.

Now what is wrong with the Americans?  If you act stupid and are trying to do some idiotic things, you actions are like a retard.  What is wrong in calling them retard or as our own minister put it – seek mental help?

Bloody Americans – too bloody politically correct; the way they are going, soon you will not be able to use any cuss words, ever, anywhere.  Can you believe that there is an attempt to remove the word retard from usage? to try and ban it? All I can say is that the Americans have gone mental.

Meantime, let’s give a big hand to our minister – who has the guts to call a spade a spade.  And let us not forget our former Prime Minister H.D. Deve Gowda who uttered ‘bloody B@$tard’ in public, not once (on Jan 10) but twice – 2nd time he cussed the state Advocate General (on Feb 4).

For which the state lawyers wished that the former PM ‘get well soon’ – meaning that he was not mentally alright - which means retard, doesn't it?

All these guys are after my own heart – we really need more guys like them.

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