by a Thinker, Sailor, Blogger, Irreverent Guy from Madras

Death of a Cockatiel

Of the two breeding pairs of cockatiel, both of them born in captivity, one died this morning, or rather yesterday night.  Took it out and buried it underneath the mango sapling.  The worst thing is it was the most friendly, playful, and gentle of the lot.  The more rambunctious one, its pair, is screaming its head off all through the day.  Guess even cockatiels feel the loss of life.

On the other hand, the other pair, were concerned when I was picking up the dead one.  Afterwards, when I placed the food and water in, they were curious and kept looking at my hands - as if they are little children and I am a magician who makes birds appear and disappear out of my hands.  But by afternoon the other cockatiel pair had lost interest, and could not care less.

One good thing is these bird brains have little long term memory.  So, by tomorrow or next day, the noisy cockatiel should calm down.  Else I think it is time to sell it back to the pet shop.




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