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All F1 Scuderia Ferrari in One GIF

So the 2017 Scuderia Ferrari Formula-1 race car - the SF 70H - was unveiled yesterday, 24 Feb 2017.  While I hope that Ferrari has better finishes this season, with Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen improving on the Ferrari’s third place in last year’s constructors’ standings, as well as their own respective fourth and sixth places in the F-1 Drivers Championship.

The Scuderia Ferrai SF 70H has lengthened nose and arrow-shaped front wing to comply with the new Formula-1 2017 regulations.  There is also the fin on the engine cover and more complex aero appendages ahead of the air intakes on the sidepods.

The front has a duct that has an aerodynamic role, while behind the driver, the roll-hoop of the engine air intake appears to have been redesigned. Also updated are the suspensions, hubs and wheel nuts, and the upsized power-steering and braking systems.

Till  the day we see the two Ferrari SF 70H in action, here is a treat for all the Tifosi and the Forza Ferrrari.

All the Ferrari F-1 race cars from the 1950 racer 125 F1 to the 2017 built SF 70H, in one animated GIF image.  Have fun!

Yup, I know, I could not find the left profile image of the Ferrari F-1 SF 70H, so I simply used the right profile in.

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