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Rogue Lawyer by Grisham is roguish but likeable

John Grisham’s latest thriller fiction Rogue Lawyer is something like a Bollywood remake-copy-lift of a Hollywood movie, but unlike the unwatchable Bollywood copies, has some saving grace.  Rogue Lawyer is almost a cheap version of the Lincoln Lawyer Mickey Haller written by Michael Connelly.

Like Haller, the rogue lawyer Sebastian Rudd works from a van, though not a car, is a defence attorney, has a former convict for driver and bodyguard.  And there the similarities end.  Instead of the very interesting Haller, Rudd comes off as a cheap, egoistical, and a cheat.

But Grisham is a master when it comes to weaving a seemingly inescapable legal web, and then nicely snipping it away with drama.  Sebastian Rudd is the beneficiary in this instance and it saves the Rogue Lawyer from becoming another Gray Mountain – Grisham’s last novel – which I threw away half way through.

Rogue Lawyer is more like 3 or 4 short stories, clubbed together for a continuous narration which certainly holds our attention.  It is not one of Grisham’s best efforts – not in the same class as the Testament (1999), or The Litigators (2011), but better than say Calico Joe, Sycamore Row or Gray Mountain.  If you are travelling this holiday season, Rogue Lawyer will be good company.


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