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Saraswathi Ayudha Pooja procedure 2015 in Tamil

Next Wednesday, 21st October 2015 is Saraswati Pooja (ஸரஸ்வதி பூஜை) - the Mahanavami day (மஹாநவமி) of Navratri (நவராத்திரி).  Though all the days/nights of Navratri or Dussehra are special, the Mahanavami day is celebrated as Ayudha Pooja (ஆயுத பூஜை)  where the tools of the trade, especially the books are worshiped, in the Tamil homeland.

Hindu Puja procedure is of different denominations, and one of the most practised variety is the Shotashoupachara Puja (ஷோடஶொபசார பூஜை) which consists of 16 offerings to the God or Goddess.

The 16 offerings are:
  1. Swagatham (Dhyanam, Aavaahanam)
  2. Aasanam
  3. Paadyam
  4. Arghyam
  5. Aachamanam
  6. Madhuparkam
  7. Snaanam
  8. Vastram (Upaveetam)
  9. Aparanam
  10. Gandham
  11. Pushpam
  12. Dhoopam
  13. Deepam
  14. Naivedyam (Tamboolam, Karpoora Neerajanam)
  15. Namaskaram (Mantra Pushpam, Pradakshinam, Namaskaram, Prarthanai,)
  16. Upasthanam or Visarjanam
There is also a 10 fold and 5 fold prayers.  In the 10 fold - numbers 3-5, 7, 8, 10-14 - are practiced.  In 5 fold Pancha Pooja (பஞ்ச பூஜை) only numbers 10-14 are practiced.

While most flowers and leaves can be used for Devi puja, there are some flowers which should *not* be used specifically for some goddesses.
  • Durga especially (and generally no goddess) should not be worshipped with Doorvayukmam (दूर्वाम् पत्रम्) (அருகம்புல்), or Cynodon dactylon, more commonly known as ‘Bermuda Grass.’
  • Lakshmi should not be worshipped with Drona Pushpam (द्रोण पुष्पम्) (தும்பை பூ), or Leucas asperca, commonly known as ‘Common Leucas.’
  • Saraswati similarly should not be venerated with Paarijata Pushpam (पारिजात पुष्पम्) (பவழ மல்லி), or Nyctanthes arbortristis, commonly known as ‘Night flowering Jasmine.’
The PDF file in 15 pages containing the Saraswati Pooja or Ayudha Pooja Vidhi (procedure) in Tamil for 2015 has been posted.  It consists of the 16 fold pooja procedure, in 15 pages (E&OE).  The last page also contains the Upasthanam pooja for the vijayadasami day.

Here is a snapshot.


The Saraswati Pooja or Ayudha Pooja vidhi in Tamil as a PDF file is nicely formatted for ease of performing the ritual, and is ready for Free download at

Downloads page



  1. Thanks. It was really helpful. I downloaded and used the Saraswathi pooja vidhanam. A suggestion: Would be great if there's a link to the Saraswathi ashtotharam in this pdf so we can navigate directly. Thanks again.

    1. Ma'm we would try, but typing out 1008 sentences & then proof reading them would be a nightmare. Still we will give it a shot next year.


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