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Pakistan's New Covert Taliban Approach

The Survivor  is #14 in the Mitch Rapp series and picks up where Vince’s last book, The Last Man left off, but with Ahmed Taj, the power hungry Director ISI of Pakistan playing a double game with Taliban.

In the previous novel, Joseph “Rick” Rickman staged his own kidnapping and beating, to make it look as though Islamic terrorists tortured him for CIA secrets.  But Mitch and Irene Kennedy, the Director CIA, managed to figure out Rickman’s scheme.

They sought to permanently plug the leak of information by terminating him with extreme predudice. But Rickman proves to be too brilliant and is extracting his revenge by disclosing information about worldwide CIA operations and assets, endangering the very survival of the agency.

Enter Ahmed Taj, the megalomaniac Director of ISI.  Taj manages to get the Rickman files, manipulates the Taliban to strike terror and martyr themselves, and plans to establish Pakistan as the superpower of the Middle East.

Kyle Mills has written a fantastic Mitch Rapp novel, a true tribute to the late Vince Flynn, who succumbed to prostate cancer on June 19, 2013, after a three-year battle.

The analysis at Gandhara by Hekmatulla Azamy I refer to exactly reads like Ahmed Taj is the Director ISI instead of Rizwan Akhtar.

That's the reason I wrote that it reads exactly like storyline in latest #MitchRapp novel.  Read more at the link

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