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We lost terribly in 1965 war, Pak historian

At last wisdom seems to be dawning on the Pakistanis - at least to some sections of them.

An Old Joke. 
Before 1965 War USAF‬ trained Pakistan Air Force pilots on the then new F86 Sabres‬
The first briefing between the USAF Top Gun and the top PAF Trainee pilot officer goes thus:

USAF TopGun: F86 are easy to fly, even you PAF‬ idiots would find it easy.
PAF trainee: Effendi, is it so?
USAF TopGun: Yep. Press Button 1 to take off, Button 2 to turn left, Button 3 to turn right.
PAF Trainee: Effendi, where is Button 4 to land?
USAF TopGun: Oh, Button 4 is with the Indian Air Force, they'll bring you down.

An actual Quote.

The then Pakistan President Ayub Khan and the Foreign Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto were in conference with the Pakistan Army Chief Gen. Muhammad Musa.

Ayub: General, how soon can we win this war?
Gen. Musa: Not so sure sir, but if it extends more than one month, we will not win.
Bhutto: What do you mean one month?  We are fighting those Hindoo Indians, weak and brainless.
Gen. Musa: Bhutto-saab, I won't underestimate those Indians.
Ayub: Oh come on General.  Everyone knows 1 Pakistani soldier can kill 10 Indian Jawans, before he dies.
Gen. Musa: But what do I do when the 11th jawan shows up?

Folland Gnat - the Sabre Killers.

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