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Happy Ugadhi, Gudi Padwa, Nowruz 2015 greetings Doodle

21 March 2014 is the New Year’s Day for the people of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka who call it Ugadhi. The same day is also the Marathi New Year where it is celebrated as Gudi Padwa.  This year, the day is also the Parsi New Year day – Nowruz – which is also celebrated by the many minority sects or faiths in Islam.  In fact, Nowruz is a national holiday in many Central Asian Republics.

On this day, we wish everyone a very happy Ugadhi, Gudi Padwa and Nowruz with an actual Google Doodle.  Yes, Google has put up a Doodle for Nowruz, but also coinciding with the other New Year’s days.  So, in effect, there is a Google Doodle for Ugadhi and Gudi Padwa 2015.

Here is the Doodle.

Google Logo 2010
The Doodle made up of flowers and the stalks to spell Google, with the bees buzzing around.  To me at least, it appears as a modification of the First Day of Spring (Northern Hemisphere), Solar Eclipse, and the First Day of Fall (Southern Hemisphere) Doodles, designed and animated by Kirsten Lepore.  More on them here.

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