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Parliament complex fire reminds me of Reichstag burning

A massive fire broke out in the Parliament complex today, 22 March 2015, as per news reports.  The building, opened in 1927 and designed by British architect Edwin Lutyens.  Six year later, on 27 February 1933, the German Parliament or Reichstag building was burned down. The then government of Adolf Hitler falsely portrayed the fire as part of a Communist plot or a coup attempt and suspended civil liberties.

But no such worries in India today.  The civil liberties are already under threat - with green activist Priya Pillai offloading, et al.  Though it would be interesting to see who the present government accuses of starting the fire.
TV reports said the fire had been isolated and has been brought under control while the efforts were being made to assess the damage caused by the blaze.

Earlier, smoke was seen billowing from above the red sandstone boundary wall of the parliamentary complex as police tried to clear the streets around the building. The fire was reported to be at an air-conditioning plant on the outskirts of the complex.

Fire in India Parliament #reichstag burning?

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