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Uniforms may have cost USA medals at Sochi Olympics

What's with USA Olympic Uniforms and suits?

In the 2012 London Olympics, there arose a huge controversy after it was revealed that the Ralph Lauren-designed Team USA uniforms were actually made in China.  For the Sochi Winter Olympics, Ralph Lauren assured that the 'uniforms' were made entirely in the United States.

Though, after one look at the gaudy design, it would have been better for Ralph Lauren to claim it was even designed by the Chinese this time around.

But now, it is the turn of the skating suits worn by the US team which has raised a controversy.  Reports suggest that the high tech racing suits designed especially for the US team by Under Armour is probably defective.  The company claimed that the 'Mach 39' outfits are "the fastest speed skating suits in the world." The suits, made from five synthetic fabrics, reportedly went through 300 hours of wind-tunnel testing and incorporated the design expertise of Lockheed Martin's aircraft engineers.  I guess they have to be thankful that 'tiles' did not fall off.

They claim the Under Armour suits are slowing down the skaters - an air vent in the back, provided to cool the skaters, acts more like a drag-racing parachute instead.  Meanwhile, the US team began seeking approval for its athletes to don the older Under Armour suits, which raised another controversy.  Team USA was split between athletes who wanted the older suits and those wanted to stick with the new ones.  But Olympic atheletes from a single team are not permitted to wear what they like - that is why it is called 'uniform'.

Whatever the reason - the vapour vents or the studs, it was curtains for Shani Davis, who was expected to wow the Sochi Olympics.  Shani Davis finished a poor 8th in the Men's 1000m skating.  To add insult to the injury, it was his best finish in the Olympics.

Shani Davis
DateEventResults Position (Time)
Feb 10
Speed Skating Men's 500m
Feb 12
Speed Skating Men's 1000m
Feb 15
Speed Skating Men's 1500m

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  1. Ike uche is the most proven out of all that should be his replacent or an attacking midfilder. We have too many hold up strikers football shirts


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