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An Ant for a heart with Valentine’s Day 2014 Google Doodle

Google celebrates the 2014 Valentine’s Day with a (somewhat) romantic interactive Doodle, but as usual has an impish twist too.  [Last year, did they poke fun at Fox TV?]

The Google home page sports the red, jiggling figures of two people and a heart. [Note:  This Doodle is not available in the Google India page.  The nearest homepage which sports the doodle is Google Singapore or Google Dubai]

The red guy makes up the first 'O', and the girl the second 'G' of the word Google. The second 'O' is the candy box on which a user clicks to create their customized candy.

There are 3 three chocolates in Google's Valentine's Day doodle box, and a user can mix and match the ingredients - out of the 13 available choices.  While
  • the milk, dark and white chocolates;
  • sprinklers, gummy bears, toffees, and almonds;
  • cherries, raspberries, and strawberries;
are par for the course, the roguish flavours are added by
  • the ants and the salt.
The box is then wrapped as a gift box to which an online link can be shared.  Once clicked, the recipient reaches a Google Search page, with their tin of sweets wrapped in a red ribbon, hovering above the search bar.  When the tin is opened, the ribbon unravels to read “Happy Valentine’s Day!”, and the valentine can ‘eat’ the present, revealing the delicious or malicious contents.


Here is a video capture:

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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