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Why the world of cricket cannot let India walk away?

"Will the world of cricket dare let India walk away?" is the question asked by Derek Pringle in The Telegraph.  The answer is, nothing has changed or rather nothing new has been reported after my own exhaustive blog post on the subject, a week back.

OTOH, even Derek Pringle has resorted to terming the group made up of the BCCI, ECB and CA as 'the cartel' - a description used in my own post.


Maybe 20 years down the line, we will cease to have 'national' Test Teams, but will have IPL like multi-national Test Teams, where players are up for auction by various Test playing countries! 

How about that?  

Would love Steyn bowling for IND, though Pup as Captain is nauseous!

As for the rest, who needs a push into China and USA?

(image from Punch 1907)

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