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Google Doodle versus Republic Day Toodle

Sometimes, real life does imitate the fantasy worlds of movies, artists and storytellers.  Today’s Google Doodle celebrating India’s 65th Republic Day was one such.  It depicted the extreme stunts on the motorcycle by the Corps of Signals of the Indian Army.  In the earlier post, I thought (and still do think), that the Doodle was kitsch. 

The Doodle, IMHO, looked more like a tricolour egg tray rather than a graphic of a well coordinated and choreographed stunt driving.  But, as they say, life has a way of showing everyone up.

To my utter embarrassment, the motorcycle stunt team toodled along, resembling exactly like the Google Doodle.  The only saving grace was they did not (dared not?) adorn the costumes in 3 colours as depicted in the Doodle.

So what do you think?


In case you are interested, the full motorcycle extreme stunt is uploaded in my YouTube channel.  Not bad at all.

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