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Disqus Disruption: Blogger Comments not showing correctly

Everyone by now knows that there might be some problems in adopting the Disqus commenting system in Blogger blogs.  One of the most popular posts in this blog is ‘Getting Disqus to work in Internet Explorer’.  That article outlines the simple tweaks to make Disqus work in various versions of Internet Explorer.

The other article ‘Google Plus comments on Blogger disrupts Disqus’ explains what it means.

Yesterday, I faced a quite a different problem.  First was a replica of the Disqus commenting system not showing in the Blogger blog.  Unlike the last time, IE was not the only browser affected by disappearing Disqus.  The problem was present across all the four browsers, namely, IE, Chrome, Firefox and Opera. To add to the confusion, logging into the Disqus site proved to be impossible.

Today morning, the disruption has been partially set right, though the interaction between Disqus and Blogger is as poor as it has been.  While the latest comments appear under their proper posts on the Disqus site (and in the blog itself), they are showing up under wacky posts in the Blogger commenting tab.

A couple of comments which should appear under the post, ‘Can Kittur Chennamma and JijaBai sail together’, are shown as a response to the post 'SuperAntiSpyware 5.7 includes PUP removal tool'.  There is also a similar confusion in another post.

Oh Google!  What is happening here?


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