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Mahalaya Amavasya 2013 Tharpanam religious procedure in Tamil

Here is the complete Mahalaya Paksha 2013 Tharpanam procedure in Tamil in PDF and EPUB formats.  The details of all the 15 days of Mahalaya Paksham 2013 - namely the Thithi, Varam and Nakshatram are listed in the file itself.  You don’t have to search for them elsewhere.

Please do read the general procedure outlined for the Mahalaya Paksham 2013 starting on 20 Sep 2013 and finishing with the Mahalaya Amavasya Day on 04 Oct 2013.


In case you don’t perform the Mahalaya Paksha Tharpanams and instead stick only with the usual Amavasya Tharpanam on 04 Oct 2013 - the Mahalaya Amavasya Day, you have two options. 
  • Use the Amavasya Tharpana Sankalpam Generator 0.2 beta available at Downloads page; or
  • Use the Kanya Masa Amavasya Tharpanam file provided in the download link below.
Customize the PDF file:
Do you know you can customise the Mahalaya Amavasya Tharpanam PDF file (or for that matter, any suitable PDF file)?  For eg., you can input the required Gothras and ancestors names (or even the Thithi, Nakshatras etc.) in these files, print them out or read off them on your smartphone.  To know more, read the next post.

Download link:
For once, we are not putting up a Google Form.  The link is for a ZIP file (~620 KB) which contains all the 4 files:
  1. Mahalaya_amavasya_tharpanam_2013.epub
  2. Mahalaya_amavasya_tharpanam_2013.pdf
  3. Mahalaya_Kanya_maasa_amavasya_tharpanam_2013.epub
  4. Mahalaya_Kanya_maasa_amavasya_tharpanam_2013.pdf
Use the appropriate file (and please say thanks in comments - after all it took 5 days of effort). 

The current Mahalya Paksha procedure in Tamil  & the Online Amavasya Tharpana Sankalpam Generator (and other current Pooja procedures in Tamil) can be accessed from the link at
Downloads page
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  1. Hi, thanks for the effort. Great work. A quick question: Should the Mahalaya_Amavasya_tharpanam_2013 be used for all the 15 days?


  2. Krishnan.Vadhyar19/09/2013, 13:20

    The files in (1) and (2) to be used for all 15 days - the tithi, nakshatram etc., for all 15 days are given as shown in screenshot above.

    Files (3) n (4) are *only* for the usual Kanya Maasa Amavasya Tharpanam - which we are supposed to do *after* the Mahalaya Paksha Tharpanam on 04th Oct.

    Technically, on 04 Oct should do 2 tharpanams - one Mahalaya Paksha & then the ususal Amavasya.

  3. I am unable to reconcile with your assertion that 2 tharpanams should be done on Mahalaya Amavasya Day. I am 79 and we have all along been advised by our learned Vadhyar that only one Tharpanam is to be performed in a day. If there is an occurance requiring 2 Tharpanams on a single day, tharpanam should done for the most important karma. e.g, if a Grahanam occurs on an Amavasya Day, the Graha Tharpanam gets precedent over the Amavasya Tharpanam.

    Can you pl. elucidate ?



  4. Krishnan.Vadhyar24/09/2013, 13:23

    Dear Sir,

    1) Maybe my reply was confusing. The 2 tharpanams only apply if you do all 15 days M/Paksha tharpanam. I did not mean that everyone (who is not doing 15 day M/Paksha) should do 2 tharpanams on that day. But that fact is made clear in the article itself and also in the 'general procedure' post referred.

    2) Hinduism has so many sects and variations, it is difficult to say one is right or other is wrong. People have to follow their குல ஆசாரம் வழக்கம்.

    3) I remember an incident someone related to me a few years back, when one festival was celebrated on 2 different days within Iyengars themselves - vaikanasam and pancharatnam celebrated on 2 diff. days. Someone close to one of the two mutts approached the acharyan and asked about this. The acharyan retorted, 'Who is your acharyan?'. That shut the matter up. In case anybody is confused, the point was 'Do what your acharyan tells you to do.

    4) As per texts total of 96 shardhams (or tharpanams in stead) are to be done in an year, which includes 16 (sometimes 15) M. Paksha + 12 Amavasya and 12 Masam.

    If 2 tarpanams are not to be done in a day, then, wouldn't the texts would have said 16 M. Paksha + 11 Amavasya? Other occasions may or may not occur (like eclipse on New Moon), but M/Paksha & Amavasya *will* definitely occur?

    1. Sir, I agree with your ruling that those who do Paksha mahalaya tharpanam need to perform 2 tharpanams on Mahalay Amavasya day. first Paksha Mahalaya tharpanam followed by Mahalaya Amavasya Tharpanam. This is what my Sastrigal has told me, which I am following since 2004. Though I am not able to quote the pramaanam, I am sure , it has been said so in Dharma Sastram. You may kindly reply sri K Raman accordingly.

  5. Hello Mama,

    Thanks for sharing this. Does this pertain to Iyer or Iyengar rituals? Or is it common for both? Also, it says the Mahalaya Paksham is on 4th October. However, my father's thithi falls on 28th Sept. Can you pl. advise me on what changes do when I perform the tharpanam?

  6. can we do document registration during Mahalaya Paksha 2013

  7. Krishnan.Vadhyar25/09/2013, 11:50

    Dear son,

    1) Given is Iyers. The difference between Iyer/Iyengars (vadakalai & thenkalai have their own changes) is in 'Dhyanam' (shuklam baradharam ...) and in 'Sankalpam' first part (till sri parameshvara preethyartham) and last few words in sankalpam. Otherwise all 3 are the same (except for procedural changes - Iyengars typically use 'koorcham', also called 'puknam' for asanam instead of normal pullu).

    1a) Bhodayanam has 1 additional word in Sankalpam and additional 12 tharpanams - not given in above.

    2) The files in 1 & 2 contains all the thithi, varam and nakshatram from 20 Sep to 04 Oct. Just substitute for 28th which will be navami, sthiria varam (Sat) and Arudhra (till 06:33 IST) and Punarvarshu after. (see picture in post).

  8. Thanks very much

  9. Krishnan.Vadhyar27/09/2013, 11:20

    Can you be more specific? Do you want Iyers or Iyengars. If Iyengar's - then vadakalai or thenkalai? If you want only Iyers, the uploaded (full) is for you. If you want Iyengars - then tell me which one you want.

  10. Dear Mama,
    I'm looking for thengalai Iyengar's version..Many thanks for all your volunteer act.

  11. Krishnan.Vadhyar28/09/2013, 11:21

    Too late now as it is already 28th almost noon. But check with your family elders. Many (most) Thengalai Iyengars do not perform M/Paksha Tharpanam

  12. Thank You very much. It is very useful for people like us who are far from home.

  13. Welcome, helping people living away is the only intention. Though when ppl don't circle me in G+ (as a goodwill gesture) is a sure letdown.

  14. Thank you very much for creating and sharing this. Will be very helpful for my father who is visiting me. The fonts are beautiful. One suggestion is to make the font a little bigger as people like my father may find the font size hard to read. I will make it bigger before print out.

  15. hi, you'r welcome. The font used (in ver 2.0 - LibreOffice) is Vijaya size 11. I know LibreOffice fonts appear smaller than MS Office fonts. Since I don't take printouts, and seeing that you are, could you suggest what font size you find is optimum/ideal? (I hope you are talking about PDF files) We will correct it here and keep in mind for future. You input would be of great help to us/others.

    1. This font problem has been sorted out by adopting IndUni as standard Font from 2015. For good measure, the Font is also embedded in PDF files. The PDF is exported directly from LibreOffice (5.0.2 as of Sep 2015) Writer. So, finally, hopefully, an end to all the font confusion.
      The IndUni font can be found at

  16. Murugan Thillainayagam03/10/2013, 21:19

    Thank you sir

  17. Ramani Narayanan04/10/2013, 16:15

    Thanks a ton

  18. Murugan Thillainayagam02/09/2014, 08:55

    சங்க கட்டிடங்கள், திருமண மண்டபங்கள், ஆகியவற்றை வாடகைக்கு விட்டு சம்பாதிப்பது ஒரு வகையில் குடியிருப்பு வாசிகளின் சுதந்திரத்தை பறிப்பதாகவே உள்ளது. வாகனங்களை வீடுகள் முன்பு நிறுத்தி இடைஞ்சல் கொடுப்பது, சப்தமாக ஒலிபெருக்கிகளை கத்த விடுவது நல்ல பழக்கம். அல்ல.யோகா செண்டர் போன்றவற்றை ஒதுக்கு புறமாக நடத்துவதே நல்லது.ஆ, ஊ சப்தம் மாணவமணிகளுக்கு இடைஞ்சலை கொடுக்கிறது.

  19. Fully agree with you. Unfortunately, we (in India) do not have a strict policy of residential and commercial area demarcation. The Delhi High Court tried it in Karol Bagh some years back and the Sheila Dixit government got flak for that! IMHO, no commercial establishment - even a petti kadai or hawking - should not be allowed in residential areas.

    But how many people (who find parked cars irritant) would like the idea of running 1 km or more for vegetables (tomato, onion or chillies) or tea leaves, milk, or a sachet of shampoo every time/morning?

  20. In a similar sentiment, Jesus tells us to seek first the kingdom of heaven, then later he describes the kingdom of heaven as a grain of mustard seed, that grows and blossoms into one of the largest of garden


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