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Close Tabs is nothing new in Firefox 24

Would you believe if I told you that a major version of a leading browser has no new features except the way it handles the ‘Tabs’?

It is true.  It has just happened with Mozilla Firefox 24.0.  The browser as of now is available at Mozilla FTP site, and in a few hours will be available at homepage as well as through browser auto update. 

And the chief boast of Firefox 24.0 (for users) is that it implements:
  • Close Tabs to the Right;
  • ability to tear-off chat windows to view separately; and,
  • improvements on using pinned Tabs.
Don’t get me wrong.  There is no doubt that ‘Close Tabs to the Right’ is one of the most handy features ever in a browser - any browser.  Often when I go searching for information, 'highlight', and then, Rt.-Click --> Open in new Tab, is the way to go.  But soon it results in a dozen or more Tabs open.  The quickest way to close them all and get back is to - yeah - Rt.-Click --> Close Tabs to the Right from the original Tab.

IMHO to tom-tom it as the *NEW* feature worth a major version in Firefox 24.0 is too much. 


As we are on the subject of Tabs manipulation, why not copycat the Duplicate Tab feature of Google Chrome too?

In case you’re wondering ‘Duplicate Tab’ is another handy feature for any browser - at present found only in Google Chrome and IE.  When we view the results of a Google (or Bing) search, the tendency is to click on the results and, if we find the link unproductive to our search, go back.

But sometimes we find a titbit, maybe unrelated to our original search, we want to explore further.  OTOH we need to go back to the results page to continue the original search.  At such times, the Duplicate Tab feature is most handy - just duplicate the titbit page, and go back to the results page to continue the present search.

As such, Firefox is the only major browser without the Duplicate Tab feature.  Wonder when we will get it - and will that will also merit a major version update!

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