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Should we fear for Test Cricket

Of late, I have begun to ponder the question, ‘Why is that, like clockwork, every few months, someone starts fearing for the future of Test cricket?’
Let us see the list:
Does this mean that Test Cricket is really, really doomed?  This in spite of the on going 2013 Ashes in England, in which the Australians are doing so badly!
To give it a thought, Greg Chappell in 2004, feared for the future of Test Cricket, because the Australians were on rampage.  No other team looked like stopping them and Greg feared that paying public of other countries will soon lose interest if their home team(s) never win against Australia.
But today, when the Aussies are being beaten black and blue by the English team in the Ashes, Graham Gooch has started to fear for Test cricket!  Just cannot understand this logic.
Ooff!  Time for a bit of humour- from’s Andy Bull.
"Cricket. What's that all about?" Gwyneth Paltrow grapples with the evergreen question that has taxed innumerable Americans in England before her. "I try to understand cricket, really, I try and I try," she says.
Her husband Chris Martin is, she says, a big fan. "One day, I was like 'right, I'm going to get into it,' and I sat down and I was watching. And watching. And I carried on watching and then I said to him, 'Look, I am enjoying the game but is anything ever going to happen?'
And he said 'Is anything going to happen? ...........
These are the highlights.'"
Though the First President of the United States, George Washington (1789–1797), was a cricket buff, the game somehow withered away across the pond.  Thus we have the current President trying to swing the bat as if it is a cross between a baseball bat and Golf club.

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