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Recycle Old Blog Posts for traffic and exposure

Recycling old blog posts - that is updating, rewriting, editing, adding or writing on related subject - is one of the hot and evergreen topics in blogosphere.  The main intention is to generate more traffic and appreciation which translates to exposure.

The idea behind such assumption is that the blog is growing and would definitely be attracting more visitors today, than when the old article was written, probably years before.

One type of rewriting or recycling of old blog posts is to once in a while glance through the old blog posts and correct the grammatical errors, if any.  Personally this is my favourite, as there are so many scattered across monkeyshine nutworks.

Another type of recycling old blog posts is to manually add links of connected or relevant newly written articles.  Mind you, it is not only adding links in the new post but adding the link of the new post(s) in the old ones.  This somewhat tedious chore has the added advantage of keeping readers engaged, while exposing the old article without messing up what probably is perfect.

Sometimes it so happens that an old post is recycled on its own, without any rhyme or reason.  Even completely out dated posts can be resurrected and recycled, unintentionally.

If you do not believe me, one such incident is going on right now, of all the places, in the BBC website.  BBC have posted a news report that the original author who uses the pseudonym Robert Galbraith is in fact J.K. Rowling.

The report goes on to add that J.K. Rowling felt very angry about the leak of the pseudonym Robert Galbraith.  It also details how the secret about the pseudonym was leaked, unintentionally, by the law firm Russell’s.

But what caught my attention is the ‘Most Popular Read’ widget by the side of the article.  The news report about the pseudonym itself was at 6th position, while ‘J.K. Rowling to kill two in final book’ was 2 places ahead at number four, around noon India time.

The news ‘Detroit filing for largest bankruptcy’ was most popular this morning, ‘J.K. Rowling to kill two in final book’ took to topping the list a couple of hours later.

The beauty is that the ‘kill two’ article is dated 27 June 2006 and is about the 7th book of the Harry Potter series.  The 7th book, Deathly Hallows which was published back in 2007, and not about Rowling’s latest hero Cormoran Strike and his adventure series!


That is what an unintentional recycling looks like.

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